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AB-Doer Accessory- Set of 3 Power Rods-Add Resistance to your Workout-The Stockists

AB-Doer Accessory- Set of 3 Power Rods-Add Resistance to your Workout-


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AB-Doer accessory, set of 3 Power Rods so you can add resistance to your workout. With 3 levels of resistance, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.This set of Power Rods allows you to add extra resistances to your AB Doer 360™ machine with its triple progressive resistance options. Simply select Light (#1/Yellow Label) for a higher level aerobic challenge, Medium (#2/Orange Label) for a cross-training combination of aerobics and muscle toning, and Advanced (#3/Red Label) for the ultimate in calorie burning and muscle toning. These triple progressive resistance options are extremely easy to insert and remove into your AB Doer 360™ machine allowing you to have even more variables, and results, while using your AB Doer 360™ machine. NOTE: These added resistances are only intended for aerobic fat-burning benefits, as they’re not they’re not intended to over-stress muscles to enlarge or hypertrophy. 

Power Resistance Rods

1. Remove the Locking Clip and remove the ‘Insert Pin with Hole’ from the Core Support Column, then fold it down. 2. Select the level of resistance you need (Yellow, Orange or Red), then insert the Power Resistance Rod, arrow first, into the Core Support Column. Once the Power Resistance Rod is completely inserted into the Core Support Column, turn the Power Resistance Rod clockwise to lock in place as illustrated in figure A. Reposition the Core Support Column to upright position and ‘Insert Pin with Hole’ to lock into place and secure with the Locking Clip. Please see photos for instructions.

Please note : The AB-Doer Resistance Rods are in plain packaging.