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Alien Tape-Double Sided Tape - One (1) Roll

Alien Tape-Double Sided Tape - One (1) Roll


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Alien Tape is the revolutionary, new double-sided tape, that instantly locks anything into place - without adhesives. The advanced-grip technology bonds to most surfaces and is strong enough to hold up to 5 kilos. When you're done, Alien Tape comes off cleanly with no sticky residue or damage. It's multi functional and reusable  just remove, rinse and reuse it over again and it stays just as strong. It's the only non-adhesive tape you can wash and reuse! Use it to hang pictures or shelves and keep furniture or carpets from sliding. Just cut Alien Tape to size, for any indoor or outdoor project that needs a super strong hold. The roll of Alien Tape is 3 metres long x 3cm wide and can be cut to any size. Alien Tape can be used on wood, marble, leather, smooth and frosted glass, smooth tile and plastic surfaces. Make sure the surface is flat, dry and free of dirt and oil.When used on suitable surfaces, Alien Tape releases cleanly and easily with no sticky residue or damage. PLEASE NOTE : Alien Tape can also be used on dry wall  (GYPROCK) and painted surfaces, but this is a more permanent solution.